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Date: "____" ____________ 20__.
1. The Subject of the Agreement
Owner (full name): _____________________________________________________________________________________________
Passport data: № ___________ ________________ series
Residing at ________________________________________________________________________________________
Phone: _________________________________________ e-mail: _________________________
and Shalankova Natalia A., hereinafter referred to as "the breeder", have concluded this agreement as follows:
2. Rights and Obligations of the parties
2.1. "Breeder" shall transfer to the kitten (the cat, the cat's name date of birth _________________________________ __________________ ____________________ color for possession, and the "Owner" undertakes to transfer the amount to the development of nursery equal ________________________ (py6., USD, Euro).
2.2. The Big within 3 days from the date of transfer of a kitten owner has the right to examine the health of the animal in the licensed veterinary clinic. In case the cat health problems, confirmed by a veterinary certificate of the state sample, the breeder is obliged to take the animal back to the payment of the entire amount transferred. If the owner has not used its right, the later claims for animal health will not be considered.
2.3.Kotenok passed as a pet, breed, show (underline).
2.4. "Owner" has no right to use the kitten for breeding (underline).
2.5. If the animal is approved for breeding, the "owner" has no right to sell, exchange or give it out without the prior consent of the "breeder". Violation of the terms of paragraphs 2.4. and 2.5. It is the application of a property damage "breeder" (for example, the failure of the breeding program of work planned breeder), and non-material (non-pecuniary damage), and settled in the manner prescribed by law.
2.6. "Owner" under no circumstances has the right to abuse an animal, just does not have the right to remove a kitten claws. "Owner" shall conscientiously keep the acquired kitten, to ensure rational, balanced nutrition, access to clean drinking water, vaccinations and regular checkups by a veterinarian to exclude uncontrolled access to the street and walk on the balcony without glazing, as well as the content of the cell. If it is proved that the animal is not well maintained, hungry or sick, but does not receive the necessary treatment, the kitten / adult animal is returned to the nursery without returning the entire amount of money. 2.7. In case of loss of a kitten (illness, theft, accident) "Owner" shall inform the "breeder". Moreover, when changing the place of residence or phone number "owner" is recommended to inform the "Breeder".
2.8 On the basis of this agreement, "Owner" has the right to monitor the conditions of detention and the physical condition of the purchased "breeder" kitten, and "owner" can not refuse "breeder" in this law.
3. Responsibility of the Parties
3.1. "Breeder" expects that the decision "owner" of this kitten carefully and deliberately. If the kitten tired "breeder" manifest allergic to cat, the buyer or his family or will be other good reasons for the refusal of a kitten, "Breeder" will take the kitten back to the return of 50% of the kittens from the re-sale, and only after her.
3.2. The owner must be aware that the degree of hair in the presence sphinx depends on many factors and can vary depending on the hormonal changes, genetics, environmental conditions, etc. and the seller can not guarantee that bought an animal is never ever manifest scalp.
3.3. Kitten quality determined at the time of sale. This issue of the quality of the animal in the future can not be objectively known breeder, so he further development of claims (with the exception of genetic defects that must be evidenced in a licensed veterinary clinic) will not be accepted.
4. Additions
4.1. The total amount of development in the nursery payable "owner" of ______________ (py6., USD, Euro). In case of partial transfer of money in the amount of ____________ (py6., USD, EUR) "breeder" documents or holding a kitten as long as the "Owner" will not return the remaining amount of $ ______________ (py6., USD, Euro).
4.2. This Agreement shall enter into force upon signature.
4.3. All matters not regulated by this contract shall be determined in accordance with current legislation.
4.4. All changes and additions to this contract must be in writing and signed by the Parties.
5.Other conditions
(Additional conditions stipulated in case of need)
6.Prilozheniya: ________________________________________________________________
7.Primechanie: ________________________________________________________________
8. Signatures:
Breeder: Owner Natalia Shalankova _________________
__________________________ MP